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Monthly Archives: December 2016

Small Business Snapshot Cabeau

Our Small Business Snapshot series features photos that represent, in just one image, what the small businesses we feature are all about. David Sternlight, CEO and founder of Cabeau, explains how this image represents his business.

Cabeau is a world leader in consumer travel products dedicated to “Travel Made Better.” Available in more than 110 countries, our brand is committed to creating exceptional and affordable products for all of life’s journeys.

Our company began with one simple mission: to create a travel pillow that actually works. During my career playing professional basketball for Maccabi Tel Aviv, I spent long hours on the road. I’m 6’8″ so as a tall athlete, travelling could be very uncomfortable. With that in mind, I was inspired to create a better travel experience for others.

Our goal was to create a high-quality and functional product that addressed a common issue most travelers can relate to – finding comfort. We were also determined to prove that style and performance were not mutually exclusive. We surveyed thousands of travelers at airports around the world, understood their needs and listened to their feedback when developing the Evolution Pillow. It is a product created by the people for the people.

What started with the Evolution Pillow, one of our signature items, has now evolved into a technologically advanced assortment of solution-driven products. We also offer a smart collection of travel necessities including a Midnight Magic Sleep Mask, travel blanket, The Better Umbrella, backpacks and more. Each uniquely crafted accessory is designed to make travel easier, more manageable and infinitely more comfortable.

Corporate social responsibility (CSR) is paramount to our brand. Our Cabeau Cares program is committed to giving back — both in our local community and on a global scale. In addition to partnering with large philanthropic organizations, we also shut down our office one day each month so that Team Cabeau can give our time to a local charity, organization or neighborhood.

Our latest activity was Feel Good Friday in January 2017, during which the team at our headquarters in Woodland Hills, California, joined together to spread happiness, joy and laughter in our local community. Our team gathered at a high traffic intersection holding signs that relayed different messages for all to see, such as Choose Happiness, Dream Big, Give 3 Hugs Today and It’s Friday, Smile. Our main goal was to give the community something to smile about and what resulted was nothing short of amazing. Throughout the morning, dozens of people came up to us for hugs and let us know that our small gesture brought a small to their face or lifted their spirits. Simple acts of kindness can oftentimes be the most powerful.

The bonding experience that happens through Cabeau Cares has also led to a higher employee retention rate. Our team becomes invested in the fabric, spirit and comradery of the company and giving back. Meanwhile, the monthly initiatives are structured in a way that really encourages meaningful involvement. Each month a different team member plans and executes a charity event or idea that is near and dear to them.

More and more, the travel experience is corroding with upcharges, cramped spaces and other inconveniences. As such, our passion is fueled all the more to creating a first class experience for travelers across the globe. We are investing in innovation and our extreme growth goals challenge us to find the smartest production solutions. We have been committed to securing the right partners that will assist us in providing tools needed for continued success. These partners will enable us to further grow our infrastructure, compete for new business and meet demands for future orders.

7 Creative Ways to Show Employee Appreciation

Anyone can perform a task at work knowing the end result is a salary. However, passion and hard work often stems from affirmations employees hear from their boss or manager. Workers don’t just crave a paycheck — they want recognition, verbal appreciation and encouragement.

Of course, it’s easy to say “thank you” or “good job” and be done with it; but there are countless ways to show your support and respect for your employees. Business News Daily asked business owners and experts to share the best ways to make your employees feel more appreciated.

“[Put] the power of recognition and reward in their hands. I use apps and programs like YouEarnedIt to give my employees the power to give each other kudos for good work done. I let my team members choose their reward, too, because not everyone wants a cash bonus or a gift card.”

“It could be done as a request to share. When we let people know we value what they have to offer by asking if they’d share their story, tips, methods, etc. with others, it provides validation to them that they do have something of value to offer, and it boosts their self-confidence and self-esteem in the process. This doesn’t mean we add a training function to their currently overloaded job, but it could be sharing at a team or organizational event, award ceremony or even in a newsletter.”

“Let them make decisions that matter and can impact the company. Verbal appreciation is important, and bonuses or other perks are appreciated, but ultimately, showing someone that you trust their opinion and expertise is far more valuable.”

“My favorite forms of appreciation include unexpected treats like group lunches or a shortened workday. I also like activities that add value for both the individual and the company, including team-building challenges and fully paid continuing-education courses.”

“Leaders need to be specific in expressing their appreciation so that it reinforces behaviors through positive feedback for the employee. Instead of a generic ‘great job,’ be specific — for example, ‘I really like how you’ve pulled the discussion back together – You’re an exemplary collaborator.’ Being specific also adds meaning and inspires the employee to further develop their skills in that particular area.”

“I think the most valuable way to recognize an employee today is through time —that is, time off, time to do something else besides work. It could be family, a hobby, or a charity, or a short vacation. I don’t think it needs to be routine or regular, and has the most value when it’s unexpected.”

“Company leadership [should let] employees know what’s really going on with the company. Granted, there are some things that can’t be discussed, but for the most part, keeping people informed goes a long way toward making them feel involved. It generates a ‘we’re in this together’ environment, as well as team ownership of the operation.”

7 Top Jobs for Younger Workers

From childhood all the way through college and beyond, many people are pressured to come up with a response to the age-old question, “What do you want to do with your life?”

While some people know from an early age what they want to do with their careers, others have a hard time figuring out the right path. A new study from CareerBuilder revealed that nearly 25 percent of high school students choose their career based on something they saw on television or in a movie. The research also shows that one-third of full-time employees regret the college major they chose.

When young workers are deciding what type of career to pursue, Rosemary Haefner, chief human resources officer at CareerBuilder, says they should be asking two questions:

  • What am I passionate about?
  • Does data show that this occupation is growing and pays well?

“The more informed you are about your options and what it takes to get to where you want to be, the better the outcome,” Haefner said in a statement.

To help set young professionals on the right path, CareerBuilder analyzed data to determine the top occupations for younger workers based on jobs that are growing quickly, pay good wages and have a solid concentration of workers between the ages of 19 and 24.

“There is a world of opportunity open to younger workers in business, technical and creative fields,” Haefner said.

Based on the data, these are the top 7 jobs for young workers:

Social science research assistants 

  • Number of 2017 jobs: 29,494
  • Growth in jobs from 2013 to 2017: 5 percent
  • Average hourly earnings: $21.96
  • Percentage of workers employed who are ages 19-24: 28 percent

Coaches and scouts 

  • Number of 2017 jobs: 233,107
  • Growth in jobs from 2013 to 2017: 7 percent
  • Average hourly earnings: $19.50
  • Percentage of workers employed who are ages 19-24: 22 percent

Adult basic and secondary education and literacy teachers and instructors 

  • Number of 2017 jobs: 68,590
  • Growth in jobs from 2013 to 2017: 5 percent
  • Average hourly earnings: $25.90
  • Percentage of workers employed who are ages 19-24: 22 percent

Environmental science and protection technicians, including health 

  • Number of 2017 jobs: 35,352
  • Growth in jobs from 2013 to 2017: 7 percent
  • Average hourly earnings: $22.28
  • Percentage of workers employed who are ages 19-24: 20 percent

Forensic science technician 

  • Number of 2017 jobs: 15,033
  • Growth in jobs from 2013 to 2017: 12 percent
  • Average hourly earnings: $29.04
  • Percentage of workers employed who are ages 19-24: 18 percent

Camera operators for TV, video and motion picture 

  • Number of 2017 jobs: 20,616
  • Growth in jobs from 2013 to 2017: 7 percent
  • Average hourly earnings: $27.85
  • Percentage of workers employed who are ages 19-24: 15 percent

Physical therapist assistants 

  • Number of 2017 jobs: 87,426
  • Growth in jobs from 2013 to 2017: 13 percent
  • Average hourly earnings: $26.59
  • Percentage of workers employed who are ages 19-24: 15 percent

9 Inexpensive Gifts Your Employees Will Love

Bonsai tree set

Bonsai trees are a calming presence in any office, and a great gift for the resident green-thumb. Watch these characteristic trees grow along with your business.

Oojra home fragrances

For the homemaker in your office, Oojra home fragrances offers a line of scents that will brighten any home. As the company says “home fragrances are the finishing touch on your decor — but the first thing anyone notices.”

Yatra Aquatune bluetooth speaker

Aquatune’s line of bluetooth speakers are designed to withstand the outdoors; they’re weatherproof, portable speakers with a high quality sound. The Aquatune 5712 is an inexpensive, durable model that your employees will love.

Broadway Basketeers Token of Appreciation tower

Who doesn’t love sweets? If your staff is the snackable kind, look no further than Broadway Basketeers Token of Appreciation Tower, to show your employee’s how appreciated they truly are. Gift tower includes: Milk Chocolate Bavarian Pretzels, Double Dipped Chocolate Peanuts, Chocolate Drizzled Popcorn, Vanilla Caramel Kiss Taffies, Cappuccino Chocolate Chip Cookies, Brownie Crisp Cookies, and Sea Salt Flavored Pita Chips.

Heat changing coffee mug

Have a stargazer in your workplace? Gift them this heat-changing constellation mug, which lights up like the night sky when coffee, tea or any other hot beverage is poured into it.

Cube alarm clock

If you have an employee who’s habitually late but has a good sense of humor, gift them this alarm clock to help them get out of bed on time! Work in an office? Even better! The cube shape will remind them to hustle up and get to their own cubicle by the start of the workday.

Travel charging kit

For employees who are always on the go, this travel charging kit is a thoughtful and practical gift. With this kit, you can charge three devices via USB ports using one outlet or an auto cigarette lighter, and all of the parts are easily organized in the included travel pouch.


A box of chocolates is nice, but if you want to give your employees a more unique confection, this gourmet chocolate and pecan-topped toffee should be at the top of your list. Handcrafted in Newport Beach, California, B.toffee products are sold online and in major food retail stores.

Phone dock and cord wrap

Anyone who keeps a spare phone charger at the office knows how easy it is to lose it among all the other clutter stashed away in a desk drawer. With a MonkeyOh cord wrap and smartphone dock, your employees’ charging cables will be easily accessible and ready to use — and their workstations will look a little neater, too.